Best Email Automation Solution Powerful Results

Best Email Marketing Solution Follow Up Blueprint

​                  BombBomb Best Email Marketing Solution Follow Up Blueprint

​The best email automation solution is an essential element in your online marketing tool kit.

It would be rare to find a salesperson, entrepreneur, online marketer, or network marketer who would not see value in this. Not seeing the power of having the best email automation software would suggest you have no need to follow up with clients. It means you have no desire for repeat or referral business.

And, it suggests you have no interest in maintaining consistent uninterrupted contact with your prospects.

If that is you then stop now. Do not read any further. The following is not for you.

​Who Is the Best Email Automation Solution For

​Who should be keen on implementing the best email automation strategy?

YOU if you are determined to …    … increase prospects,    … increase sales and    … maintain a strong relationshipwith your suspects, prospects, customers and clients.


  • ​Email automation solution essential ​to online marketing.
  • ​Automation is about more prospects, sales, repeat and referral business
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​Best Email Automation Solution

The term email automation is often misunderstood.What it is not is email randomly sent to anyone’s email address. That is called Spamming.

Reputable online marketers, network marketers, salespeople, and business builders do not spam.

​​Powerful Integrated Contact Nurturing

The best email automation solution provides an integrated flow of relevant and timely information.What information?That depends on the purpose of your follow-up.For example, if a new prospect, the follow-up would be to nurture the prospect through the sales funnel.Perhaps it is a tutorial, a step-by-step process directed to qualification to do a specific task.Or maybe your email automation is to touch your client at specific intervals during the product life-cycle.


  • ​Email sent randomly is not what email automation is about.
  • ​Reputable markets DO NOT spam.
  • Eamil automation is about information.
  • Implementation is directed at a specific focus.

​BombBomb Email AutomationStunning New Look

​One of the biggest pain points with email automation is having to subscribe to multiple providers to get all of the tools needed to be effective.

BombBomb eliminates that pain. ​BombBomb ensures seamless integration of each of the features.

According to Adestra Marketer vs Machine 2015 report, the biggest benefits of email automation include:

  • saving time (74%),
  • improved customer engagement (68%),
  • better timed communications (58%), and
  • more business opportunity including up-selling (58%).

BombBomb is the email automation solution that works.

Today, its stunning new look and enhanced operation moves it to an even higher plateau for successful business implementation.


  • ​BombBomb eliminates the pain of multiple services.
  • Seamless integration between software is critical.

Bonus tip: Easy. Simple. BombBomb. Features Summary

Automobile Sales Video Email Service to Sell More Cars

Automobile Sales Video Email

Automobile sales video email service is the perfect tool for quick and highly effective communication with your sold list, prospects, and orphan customers.

Video email is commonly used for brand awareness, enhanced communication, and increasing conversions.

For automobile sales consultants, brand awareness does not mean promoting the manufacturer or dealership. Brand awareness is promoting themselves. You, the automobile salesperson, are the brand.

Automobile Salesperson A Brand

What do we mean by you, the automobile salesperson, being a brand?

Consider this. Do you want your branding to entice buyers to come to the dealership? Or, do you want prospects to come to the dealership looking for you?

That’s the difference.

Branding for automobile salespeople must focus on directing opportunities, that is buyers, to their web-page, social media page, web form, and/or sales desk.

In other words, the prospect specifically looks for you!


  • Automobile sales video email service is highly effective communication.
  • Automobile salespeople (any commission salesperson) needs to be a brand.
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Benefits Automobile Sales Video Email Service

There are many benefits to a video email.

Sales consultants report the following:

  • time-saving,
  • higher open rates,
  • engages viewers,
  • like being face-to-face,
  • prospects find video more interesting,
  • prospects often share the content,
  • potential buyers are more engaged,
  • provides information more clearly,
  • buyers react positively compared to reading long blogs, posts, or emails.

Automobile Sales Video Email Service Solution

Video Email Service Providers

There are many video email service providers.

Selecting a video email service for automobile sales consultants includes the following:

  • ease of use,
  • available custom templates,
  • analytics for tracking and more,
  • open notification.

Below are examples of how automobile sales professionals use a video email service.

Who do we recommend?

The video service we recommend is Easy Simple BombBomb.


Easy Simple BombBomb is designed for salespeople who earn their income through commission sales.


  • There are numerous benefits to using a video email service.
  • Commission salespeople can easily implement video is their sales process.
  • Easy Simple BombBomb is recommended by automobile sales consultants.

Marketing Automation or Drip Marketing Important Powerful Efficient

Marketing Automation Follow Up Blueprint

Marketing automation is defined by what it is you want to achieve. The tools are the same for everyone. What is different is implementation. 

How do you define an automation strategy for you? It depends on what you want to achieve. As Stephen Covey penned, “Begin with the end in mind“. 

The interpretation of end being what it is you want to achieve.

Drip Marketing

The term drip marketing is not the same as marketing automation. Drip marketing is a component of an automation strategy.


  • Marketing automation is a strategy to achieve specific targets.
  • Drip marketing can be part of a marketing automation plan.
  • Implementation tools are similar across industries.
  • Best strategy is to identify what the desired outcome is before taking action.
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The Myth About Marketing Automation

The concept of automation was initially birthed to support the 4 P’s of marketing:

• Product

• Price

• Place

• Promotion

Today, automating the marketing process stretches beyond revenue generation or product launches. The ideas learned through the big business applications are now commonplace in small business, not-for-profit, and non-consumer groups.

For example, perhaps you want to start a newsletter to stay connected with an existing customer base. Automation works here.

Or maybe you want to implement a list building process focused on increasing membership for your chess club. Automation works here as well.

In other words, the marketing automation process designed for big business is easily implemented by any group, organization, or individual whose goal is creating a relationship, building awareness, or desiring a specific result from their target group.


  • Small business, not-for-profit, and clubs can benefit from marketing automation
  • Automation is not just to increase sales or promote a product/service
  • Proper implementation starts with determining the desired outcome 

What If Questions About Automation

Three what if questions focused on marketing automation:

1. What if I don’t have any contacts?

2. What if I am just starting out?

3. What if I am a small business

entrepreneur, or commission salesman?

In other words, will automation work for me?

Short answer – absolutely.

Long answer – if interaction with people is at the core of how you earn a living, then automation is a must.

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More importantly, if your income is commission based, then automating the process by which you attract and retain your target group is absolutely essential.


  • Marketing automation is people focused.
  • Commission salespeople can easily implement thsi strategy.

4 Elements Marketing Automation Process

Once you grasp the what is marketing automation, implementation starts with four basic elements:

1. Contacts

2. Communication

3. Commitment

4. Community 

Although the 4 elements are listed in order, the process of marketing automation is not linear.

And, although some might argue that it is cyclical, that is once you arrive at step 4 start over at step 1, this also is not accurate.

People are predictably unpredictable.

Starting out, all is orderly.

Build a contact list.

As the list grows implement your communication strategy.

As your audience engages, secure a commitment through a call-to-action.

Then build a community of customers, members, or followers.

If you are just getting started, the what is marketing automation starts with determining what it is you want to achieve. Get your head around that. Implementation will be less challenging.


  • Implementing a marketing automation strategy involves 4 elements.
  • The process is not linear.
  • People are predictably unpredictable.
  • The first step is determining what it is you want to achieve.

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