How to Get More Sales Leads From Devoted Followers

How to Get Sales Leads From Devoted Followers

The Tool to Get Sales Leads From Devoted Followers

How to get sales leads from devoted followers is easy.

But – there is always a ‘but‘ isn’t there.

The but in this case is, but you must have a process to consistently communicate with and groom your referral partners.

Who are referral partners?

Referral partners are a hand picked select group of people who introduce you to qualified prospects.
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A goal setting program that achieves exciting results is worth its weight in gold.

Here is an important reality.

Highly successful people are driven by the pursuit and achievement of unreasonable expectations.

They are being unreasonable in what they expect from themselves. They challenge themselves in the demands they make..

Challenge Yourself Join the 100 Day Challenge

Challenge Yourself Join the 100 Day Challenge

As a result, they take enormous pride in their work and become leaders who inspire through their actions. Continue Reading …

How to Select Best Marketing Automation Software

Best Marketing Automation Software

How to select the best marketing automation software?


Easy Simple Video The Easiest Way to Build Relationships through Video!

The Easiest Way to Build Relationships through Video Email Marketing!

Answer … there is only one automation software solution that is all inclusive. That is why it is the best marketing automation solution. All of the essential e-Marketing tools integrate seamlessly on one platform. That is the key!

Who is the best marketing automation software provider?

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What Is Marketing Automation And Who Is It For

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is defined by what it is you want to achieve. The tools are the same for everyone. What is different is implementation.

What Is Marketing Automation

How you define what marketing automation’s strategy is for you, depends on what you want to achieve. As Stephen Covey penned, “Begin with the end in mind“.

The interpretation of end being what it is you want to achieve.

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Reliable List Building Tool Awesome and Easy Technology

Your list building tool is the core of growing your business. Many sales people, networkers, entrepreneurs and others reference their inventory as being the product or service they are marketing.

List Building Tool Core of Growing Your Business

Capture All Suspects, Prospects, Customers/Clients Easy Simple

Salespeople, for example, generally consider their inventory to be the product they represent.

Not-for-profit organizations, look at inventory as the service they provide.

Network marketers confuse the goods they market as the inventory they manage.

None of the above is accurate.

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Sales Video Follow Up How to Get More Responses

 Sales Video Follow Up Not Just About Lead Conversion

Why sales video follow up?

  • To humanize and differentiate.
  • To save time.
  • To communicate more clearly and connect more effectively.
  • For lead follow up, nurturing, and conversion.
  • For repeat and referral business.
  • For sales acceleration.
Reasons for Sales Video Follow-up

Best All Inclusive Platform for Video Follow Up!


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Build sales relationships with video email.

Build Sales Relationships. Video Builds Trust.

Build Sales Relationships. Video Builds Trust.

If you are in any type of sales, then video is one sales tool that must be in your sales toolkit.

It is no longer a matter of ‘should you start using video but why are you not using video?

In the early 1990’s, when I first started following up with video, it was expensive. In fact, many people did not have the software to even play what I sent them.

Today, you can send video email directly from your smartphone.

And, a subscription through a quality video email service provider  is less than the cost of a coffee a day. Continue Reading …

Helpful Email Webform Get Frightening Results

An email webform collects valuable information from your readers. Without a lead capture form, people can visit your site and leave without you ever knowing. When properly implemented, a lead capture web-form should cause people to willingly provide their contact information.

Email Webform - Need Help? Let's Chat

Email Webform – Need Help? Let’s Chat

Don’t Lose The People Following You

People are more internet savvy. Especially when it comes to doing business online.

The purpose of a lead capture page is to peak curiosity resulting in the reader freely providing their contact information.

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Increase Productivity 5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity Through Goals On Track

Increase Productivity Through Goals On Track

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity? Matt Mayberry offers 5 easy to implement tactics..

Regardless of how successful they already are, most entrepreneurs and business leaders would like to become more productive and efficient. Of course, the busyness of running a company and managing others can create a great amount of stress, which leads to exactly what we don’t want: decreasing productivity levels.

Here are 5 proven ideas and strategies for increasing your productivity that have tremendously benefited my life. Continue Reading …

Market Your Business Video Powerful Branding Tool For Results

How to market your business with video is really about getting the biggest return for your advertising or marketing dollar.

A channel often overlooked for posting your video content is blogging.

Market Your Business with Easy Simple Video

Market Your Business with Easy Simple Video


What follows are seven tips to market your business with video.

1. Market Your Business with Easy Simple Video

People are visual creatures.

Combine our passion for movies by grabbing our attention with your product video and you have a marketing home run.

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