Build sales relationships with video email.

Build Sales Relationships. Video Builds Trust.

Build Sales Relationships. Video Builds Trust.

If you are in any type of sales, then video is one sales tool that must be in your sales toolkit.

It is no longer a matter of ‘should you start using video but why are you not using video?

In the early 1990’s, when I first started following up with video, it was expensive. In fact, many people did not have the software to even play what I sent them.

Today, you can send video email directly from your smartphone.

And, a subscription through a quality video email service provider  is less than the cost of a coffee a day.

Build Sales Relationships Through Video Follow Up

Your challenge is to create the desire in your customers and prospects to…

  • want to continue to do business with you,
  • want to recommend others to do business with you,
  • choose you when it comes to their next purchase.

You want them to refer to you as their sales contact!

If you are NOT maintaining a relationship with them, then who is?

If you are NOT following up on your prospects, then who is?

Video follow up allows you to keep your face and your product fresh in your prospects’ mind.

Bottom-line is if you are not maintaining contact, your competition is.

Video Follow Up Creates Momentum

The longer the time between interaction with your prospects, the relationship dims, the excitement fades, and the less opportunity you have that prospect will buy from you.

In my video sales arsenal, I have several specific videos.  These videos focus on the most common inquiries I receive. By having a FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – video series, I am able to reply immediately. This builds credibility. It gets the ball rolling. And, when I follow-up with a phone call, the contacty can now put a face to my name.

Here is an example of a video I send to people who ask about doing an online credit application…

It is no longer a matter of ‘should you start using video but why are you not using video?

Jeffrey Doucet

Build YOU As A Brand Through Video Email

The whole purpose of anything we do in sales is to win-the-sale. Without new customers and repeat sales, a commission salesperson will starve.

As soon as a prospect drives away, I send them a video. I know that if I make a better impression than the guy down the street, that prospect will come back to me.

Follow Up Blueprint


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