List Building Tool Core of Contact Management

Your list building tool is the core of growing your business. Many sales people, networkers, entrepreneurs and others reference their inventory as being the product or service they are marketing.

List Building Tool Core of Growing Your Business

Salespeople, for example, generally consider their inventory to be the product they represent.

Not-for-profit organizations, look at inventory as the service they provide.

Network marketers confuse the goods they market as the inventory they manage.

None of the above is accurate.

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Your Email List Houses The Gold

An email webform collects valuable information from your readers. Without a lead capture form, people can visit your site and leave without you ever knowing. When properly implemented, a lead capture web-form should cause people to willingly provide their contact information.

Email Webform - Need Help? Let's Chat

Email Webform – Need Help? Let’s Chat

Don’t Lose The People Following You

People are more internet savvy. Especially when it comes to doing business online.

The purpose of a lead capture page is to peak curiosity resulting in the reader freely providing their contact information.

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Best Success Tactic for a Vibrant Personal Brand

Success Tactic for Staying on Top and Increasing Sales

Best success tactic for creating a vibrant personal brand is not a secret.

What many internet marketers, network marketers, and salespeople overlook is a personal brand is essential for personal and business growth.

Success Tactic to Stay Focused

Almost daily I am asked for the recipe of how I stay on-top of all that I have to do. How do I stay focused?

I am asked…

  1. how I network with hundreds of contacts,
  2. how I move prospects through my sales funnel, and
  3. why is it I get more sales than many other more experienced salespeople.

Best Success Tactic for a Vibrant Personal Brand


Great questions.

The answer is technology.

That’s right, technology.

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You Need To Know When To Fire Your Barber

Do The People Who Provide You Personal Services Know What You Do

Fire your Barber.

Sometimes you just need to take a stand. I did. I fired my barber because …


A while ago I shared an article where I mentioned that I fired my barber.

It’s true. I did fire my barber.

I received quite a bit of feedback about that article. Some not so positive.

So let’s clear the air, cut the bull, and shoot from the hip.

Fire Your Barber

Fire Your Barber

I titled that blog post Fire Your Barber.

Here’s a summary.

My barber knew I sold cars. As a 100% commission salesman, that is how I earned my income to be able to pay for my haircuts and leave a nice tip.

However, when he was shopping for a vehicle, he chose to not give me an opportunity to give him a quote.

In my article, I clearly stated that had he even just asked if I had what he was looking for that would have been good enough. But he didn’t.

Several of the replies I received were along the lines of “Are you going to stop doing business with your mobile service provider because their employees didn’t buy from you?

Those readers completely missed the point. I was writing about personal service providers.

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How Greeting Cards Get Me More Sales

The only way to get repeat sales is for your customer to think of you when ready to purchase again. Period.

As an in-the-trenches 100% commission salesman, I use a variety of tools, marketing and technology, to keep my name fresh in my customers’ mind.

One of my favorite mediums to maintain that exposure is through greeting cards.

Paper Cards NOT E-Cards

Not email greeting cards. Oh no.

I send paper cards that arrive in a paper envelope with a first class stamp on it.

Postcards and greeting cards are a regular part of my before and after sales follow up. They are part of my brand.

True, it costs me a buck. And also true I don’t get a sale as a result of every card I send.

However, what is absolutely true, and I know this because it is one of the activities I measure, is that I get sales I would not have won because someone received a card.

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Social Marketing Needs Why BombBomb Makes a Difference

If You Are Not Found You Won't Be Around

Social marketing needs are growing everyday. At one time, being on Facebook or a similar social site at work was deemed a time waster. And, for some positions it still is stealing time from your employer. But if you are in sales, marketing, human resources, and many other positions your time on social media is now part of your job.

From a business building perspective, BombBomb can meet you social marketing needs.

What’s important is that we are not simply talking social media software. We are talking about how you can get real results for your business, personal brand, or network marketing opportunity.

Three Social Marketing Needs

Social Marketing Needs Why BombBomb Makes a Difference

Social Marketing Needs Why BombBomb Makes a Difference

It is all too common to meet people who want to promote their brand through social media. Yet, they have not seriously considered what their social marketing needs really are. Not knowing is a problem.

It is the same for those looking to build a network of contacts who share an affinity for a product, service, or network marketing opportunity. They want a strong  social media presence but have not completed a needs analysis to determine what their social marketing needs really are.

Getting it right means recognizing that simply doing posts is boring. Your interactions need to be captivating, not just another post about you, your product, or MLM opportunity.

And once you capture the readers’ attention, you need to be able to capture their contact information or, at minimum, move them to the next step. You do have a call-to-action, right?

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