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Automobile Sales Video Email Service to Sell More Cars

Automobile Sales Video Email

Automobile sales video email service is the perfect tool for quick and highly effective communication with your sold list, prospects, and orphan customers.

Video email is commonly used for brand awareness, enhanced communication, and increasing conversions.

For automobile sales consultants, brand awareness does not mean promoting the manufacturer or dealership. Brand awareness is promoting themselves. You, the automobile salesperson, are the brand.

Automobile Salesperson A Brand

What do we mean by you, the automobile salesperson, being a brand?

Consider this. Do you want your branding to entice buyers to come to the dealership? Or, do you want prospects to come to the dealership looking for you?

That’s the difference.

Branding for automobile salespeople must focus on directing opportunities, that is buyers, to their web-page, social media page, web form, and/or sales desk.

In other words, the prospect specifically looks for you!


  • Automobile sales video email service is highly effective communication.
  • Automobile salespeople (any commission salesperson) needs to be a brand.
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Benefits Automobile Sales Video Email Service

There are many benefits to a video email.

Sales consultants report the following:

  • time-saving,
  • higher open rates,
  • engages viewers,
  • like being face-to-face,
  • prospects find video more interesting,
  • prospects often share the content,
  • potential buyers are more engaged,
  • provides information more clearly,
  • buyers react positively compared to reading long blogs, posts, or emails.

Automobile Sales Video Email Service Solution

Video Email Service Providers

There are many video email service providers.

Selecting a video email service for automobile sales consultants includes the following:

  • ease of use,
  • available custom templates,
  • analytics for tracking and more,
  • open notification.

Below are examples of how automobile sales professionals use a video email service.

Who do we recommend?

The video service we recommend is Easy Simple BombBomb.


Easy Simple BombBomb is designed for salespeople who earn their income through commission sales.


  • There are numerous benefits to using a video email service.
  • Commission salespeople can easily implement video is their sales process.
  • Easy Simple BombBomb is recommended by automobile sales consultants.