Important Reasons to Send Corporate Greeting Cards

Corporate greeting cards make-up the top 5 reasons for sending greeting cards in my list of 10 Reasons to Send Real Paper Greeting Cards.

By-the-way, from time-to-time I meet people who have the impression that corporate greeting cards are all about social interaction. I can understand that. I believe the word greeting causes the confusion.

Corporate Greeting Cards

Corporate Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Defined

However when we look at the definition provided through Wikipedia and, we find each includes conveying thanks or congratulations.

Wikipedia: “A greeting card is an illustrated, folded card featuring an expression of friendship or other sentiment. Although greeting cards are usually given on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or other holidays, they are also sent to convey thanks or express other feelings.” “A folded card bearing a message of greeting, congratulation, or other sentiment, usually sent or given on a special occasion or holiday.

Three Important Real Paper Corporate Greeting Card Lessons

As a daily sender of corporate greeting cards, I’ve learned three very important lessons:

1. Clients, customers, and prospects like to be recognized.
2. Clients and customers like to be thanked in a special way for their business.
3. People recommend and refer others to businesses they deem as being nice.

Amazing, isn’t it, that a greeting card with a few words can be so powerful when sent for the right reasons.

Top 5 Reasons To Send Corporate Greeting Cards

My top 5 reasons for sending business or corporate greeting cards are:

  • Thank You
  • Anniversary (of purchase or closing date)
  • Holiday and Special Occasions
  • Promotions or Special Events
  • Customer Recognition

Before I go into detail about how I use each of the above, let’s be clear that I am providing examples of what I do as a 100% commission salesman. This is over-and-above what my employer might do.

If my employer is sending corporate greeting cards, why do I also do this you ask?

If selling is your career, then you want to build you as a brand. The more valuable you are to your client or customer base, the more valuable you are to your organization.

How I Use Corporate Greeting Cards

Thank You Cards

It does not make a difference what industry you are in or what product you market, when you close a sale send the buyer or key decision maker a Thank You Card.

Don’t be wordy. Don’t include fluff. And, don’t be selling.

Be sincere. Be brief. Be personal.

For example, “Sean just a personal note to say Thank You for … Sincerely, Jeffrey

By-the-way, for Thank You Cards I prefer to send plain cards with a simple Thank You graphic on the front.

Anniversary Cards

The anniversary card I am speaking of is the anniversary of purchase or contract signing.

Again, similar to Thank You Cards, I don’t include a lot of hype. I do include the corporate logo.

Holiday and Special Occasion Greeting Cards

If you are in sales then at the very least you ought to be sending your client list holiday and special occasion greeting cards.

For clarification, by special occasion greeting cards I am referring to dates like national holidays, state or provincial civic holidays, or special occasion dates like Thanksgiving or Halloween.

For holidays with religious overtones, I am always conscious of my customers’ preferences. However, in most instances for religious holidays, like Christmas for example, I send a generic Happy Holidays or At This Time Of Year type of greeting.

Promotion or Special Event Corporate Greeting Cards

In automobile sales there are promotions throughout the year. Plus, more and more car dealers are hosting special events. Even if you are not in automobile sales, if your organization has annual events or promotions that your customers are invited to, you should send a personal invitation to those customers you believe would be most likely to attend the event.

I say most likely to attend because in automobile sales the dealership will generally do a mailing to all customers in the database. Depending on the promotion or event, they might focus on a particular group of customers, for example truck owners. You should do the same for those customers you sold who fit the criteria. Receiving an invite from you makes it not only personal but ensures the customer remembers that you are their salesperson. I’ve seen it happen where a customer attends a sales event and buys a vehicle from another salesperson simply because they had not heard from the salesperson who originally sold them.

Customer Recognition

Salespeople often overlook this opportunity to stay connected with their customer base. And, I have to admit of all the opportunities to send a corporate greeting card to a customer or client, this one requires special effort. But, and this is a big BUT, the payoff is huge.

Sending a customer recognition card means that you have learned about an achievement, accomplishment, or something special your customer has received.

For example, you read in the paper that your customer has just received a special designation or award. Or you learn that your customer has just been promoted. Or, you discover that she is the chair of a major fundraising campaign.

Sending a sincere real paper greeting card to say Congratulations builds a special rapport between you and the customer. Being nice pays big dividends in repeat and referral sales.

Corporate Greeting Cards Wrap-up

I really shouldn’t say wrap-up because the above list is not all inclusive. There are many more reasons and opportunities to stay connected through greeting cards with your customer base. You are only restricted by your imagination and budget.

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