Helpful Email Webform Get Frightening Results

An email webform collects valuable information from your readers. Without a lead capture form, people can visit your site and leave without you ever knowing. When properly implemented, a lead capture web-form should cause people to willingly provide their contact information.

Email Webform - Need Help? Let's Chat

Email Webform – Need Help? Let’s Chat

Don’t Lose The People Following You

People are more internet savvy. Especially when it comes to doing business online.

The purpose of a lead capture page is to peak curiosity resulting in the reader freely providing their contact information.

How Much Information Should You Ask For on an Email Webform

The amount of information to ask for depends on the purpose of the lead capture page.

A general rule of thumb is the less personal information requested the more readers will complete your web-form.

For example, if you are asking readers to subscribe to your blog, their email address or email address and first name should be all that is required.

When it comes to personal information, less is better.

As your relationship grows with your contacts, ask for additional details as it becomes necessary.

Webforms Build Your List

Building a list is the purpose of a lead capture page.

In face-to-face selling, if you do not have a pool of prospects, you are out-of-business. Internet marketing is no different. Without a list, you have no one to market your product to. Like face-to-face selling, you are out-of-business.

How Difficult Is It To Build A Lead Capture Page

There are many lead capture page software programs available. The challenge with most is they do not provide a complete package to manage your business.

I’m not suggesting they are not good. What I am definitely saying is that they may excel at the one action, building lead capture pages for example. But there is much more to building a list, growing your list, and marketing to your list than a lead capture page.

For example, when a contact completes your webform, an automation or autoresponder series of emails should kick in. Your goal is to initiate follow up with your new contact within a few minutes of receiving their information.

How difficult is it to create a lead capture webform?

Easy as 1,2,3,4….

BombBomb Easy Simple Webforms is by far the most easy simple feature rich e-marketing web based platform available today!

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