Find Sales Prospects 24-7 With Inexpensive Technology

How to find sales prospects 24-7 is what sets the sales professional above other salespeople.

“Regardless of the type of sales you are in, without prospects you are out of business.”

Jeffrey Doucet

Always Be Prospecting

When I started my career in sales, my first sales manager hammered home three success tips to find sales prospects:

  1. always be prospecting,
  2. always be prospecting,
  3. always be prospecting.
Find Sales Prospects Always Be Prospecting

Find Sales Prospects Always Be Prospecting With BombBomb

He also had a routine where he would ask how many business cards I had with me. His next question would be if I had at least two pens.

Some might think this guy was a little over-the-top. I’ll agree, he was tough.

But what he was hammering home was you need to be prepared when you find sales prospects. He was teaching me that without business cards and a pen, I was not properly prepared for those unexpected occasions when a prospect for our service pops-up.

His belief was that you never knew when you would bump into someone who needed our service. What he taught me was with a pen and two business cards I could capture the prospect’s information as well as leave the prospect with my information. His instructions were to always pull out two business cards. On the back of one, write the prospect’s contact information and leave the other with the prospect.

That was then.

How To Find Sales Prospects 24-7

Today I still make sure I have a pen and a few business cards with me at all times. But I no longer leave getting the prospect’s information into my contact manager to chance. Yes, over the years, I’ve misplaced a few business cards with a contact’s information on the back. It is easily done.

Just before I present the solution to ensuring you are always prepared to capture a prospect’s information, I’m going to share an example of how easy it is to do. Click the arrow to watch this video…

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Impressive you say. You bet.

Complicated, you think. Not at all.

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How to find sales prospects 24-7 is for you if you are really serious about keeping your sales funnel full. The truth is, No Prospects, NO Sales!

I’ve been selling for a while. As a experienced sales professional, I know first hand how technology has proven effective at freeing up time so that I can do what I do best – sell belly-to-belly. But I will not sell a thing if I have no one in front of me. That is the same reality for you.

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Easy. Simple. BombBomb! 14-Day FREE Trial

Easy. Simple. BombBomb! 14-Day FREE Trial


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