You Need To Know When To Fire Your Barber

Fire your Barber.

Sometimes you just need to take a stand. I did. I fired my barber because …


A while ago I shared an article where I mentioned that I fired my barber.

It’s true. I did fire my barber.

I received quite a bit of feedback about that article. Some not so positive.

So let’s clear the air, cut the bull, and shoot from the hip.

Fire Your Barber

Fire Your Barber

I titled that blog post Fire Your Barber.

Here’s a summary.

My barber knew I sold cars. As a 100% commission salesman, that is how I earned my income to be able to pay for my haircuts and leave a nice tip.

However, when he was shopping for a vehicle, he chose to not give me an opportunity to give him a quote.

In my article, I clearly stated that had he even just asked if I had what he was looking for that would have been good enough. But he didn’t.

Several of the replies I received were along the lines of “Are you going to stop doing business with your mobile service provider because their employees didn’t buy from you?

Those readers completely missed the point. I was writing about personal service providers.

 Personal Service Providers

However, I also received several emails describing similar situations. One was from a woman  who simply stopped going to her usual salon (sort of like I fired my barber).

I also received this one…

Referencing Fire Your Barber

At first I thought you were joking. When I realized you weren’t I thought the I Fired My Barber post ridiculous.

The day after reading your article I was having lunch. I eat at the same place at least 3 times a week. The food is good. It is convenient very close to my (electronics) business. It is a family restaurant and the owner knows who I am and what my business is.

At this restaurant, right behind the cash register counter, is the owner’s office. There is a window so the owner can look into the sitting area. As I was paying I saw (owner) speaking with someone I recognized. He was someone who also provides (electronic) services. Your article caused me to wonder.

So later in the day I returned and met with (owner). Sure enough he was getting a quote to upgrade his (electronic) system.

Unlike your situation, I now have an opportunity to quote. However, I wonder, had I not seen (other person) would the owner have asked me for a quote as well?

Thank you for stimulating my thinking. I’ve now reviewed your article with all my sales and service people requesting they ensure the people at the places where they regularly go know what they do and that we want to service them too.”

It’s All About The People You Meet On A Regular Basis

That’s it isn’t it? It’s not about the gas company, the power company, the mobile phone company.

It is about all of the people you meet on a regular basis who provide services for you.

Harry the gas attendant, Taylor your manicurist, Dannie your personal trainer, Bill your Bank Manager, everyone you get personal services from and are on a first name basis. Do they know what it is you do?

Perhaps we might even take this one step further.

Do they know that you expect them to call on you when shopping for the service or product you provide?

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Share Your Thoughts. 

Should the people you get services from at least get a quote from you?

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