A goal setting program that achieves exciting results is worth its weight in gold.

Here is an important reality.

Highly successful people are driven by the pursuit and achievement of unreasonable expectations.

They are being unreasonable in what they expect from themselves. They challenge themselves in the demands they make..

Challenge Yourself Join the 100 Day Challenge

Challenge Yourself Join the 100 Day Challenge

As a result, they take enormous pride in their work and become leaders who inspire through their actions.

Being Unreasonable How Foolish and Casual a Belief

The vast majority of people, on the other hand, do not concern themselves about a goal setting program. They choose to settle for a small squeak of their potential. Why? Because they buy into the belief that simply being ho-hum is the way to go.

How foolish and casual that belief is.

The big difference between high and low performing people is that the reasonable person adapts to the world. The unreasonable person persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.

Recognizing these as truths, all large, significant, and lasting progress depends on the unreasonable person. Is that you?

Goal Setting Program Requires Stretch

The only way to create breakthrough results is to implement a goal setting program that inspires you to stretch.

Success is achieved by people who stretch. They accept an unconventional way of thinking. That is why great achievements are, have been, and will always be the result of unreasonable people driven by unreasonable expectations.

The only way to create breakthrough results is to implement a goal setting program that inspires you to stretch.

Get the picture?

Being an achiever means targeting goals beyond where you currently are. It requires not only seeing but believing you are capable of doing what others see as unreasonable.

Others Will Have Their Say

And others will have their say. I know, first hand.

When I determined to stretch, to really focus on bettering myself, I heard those voices.

Friends would say “What is up with you?“. Family would ask, “Is that reasonable?” Others would say, “You have not done that before?

Stay focused. When others doubt you, stick with it.

One of the key reasons why I was able to stick with it was because I did not do it on my own. I had a coach and a program to follow.

Extreme Performance Goal Setting Program

The 100 Day Challenge is all about getting things done. It is an extreme performance workout. The focus is getting massive results quickly.

I’ve seen it work. How it all comes together is simply amazing. Go to:

Take a look. You will learn exactly what it takes to play big, and win even bigger.

Play big. Win even bigger

Progress is made only by unreasonable men and women. Differentiate yourself. Get involved in the 100 Day Challenge.

Dare to be unreasonable!

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