How To Manage Contact Information To Improve Productivity

Manage contact information with Easy Simple BombBomb Contact Manager. Regardless of your profession – for profit or not for profit. Regardless of the contact needs you have – personal, social, business.

BombBomb is the premier provider of a complete suite of tools designed to…

Reach People   –   Build Rapport   –   Stay Connected

Manage Contact Information with BombBomb’s All Inclusive Suite of Tools

What is most impressive about BombBomb is that all of the CRM tools needed to extend your reach, build your brand, strengthen your network are included in one package.

And, all integrate seamlessly with one another. You really do not need third party apps, gizmos, or widgets.

Easily Accessible Icons to Manage Contact Information On Your Desktop

List Management

  • Target Emails
  • Segment Contacts
  • Email Triggers Automate Next Action

Email Marketing

  • Reach People
  • Build Rapport
  • Stay Connected

AutoResponders or Automation

  • Ongoing Follow-up
  • Dynamic Targeted Interaction
  • Specific Call-To-Action
Easily Manage Contact Information With BombBomb

Easily Manage Contact Information With BombBomb

 * Mobile Video Forms

  • SMS Mobile Video Lead Generation
  • Easily Create Mobile Marketing Video Web Forms
  • Post Mobile Video QR Code Anywhere and Everywhere

Tracking & Analytics

  • Track Opens – Email, Video Email, Audio Email
  • Track Links Clicked
  • Searchable Reports
  • Key Features To Grow Your Business, Build Your Brand


Test Drive BombBomb

Reach People   –   Build Rapport   –   Stay Connected

Easily Manage Contact Information With BombBomb

Easily Manage Contact Information With BombBomb

Empower Your Greatest Asset, You!

To be successful, you need to truly connect with your prospects and clients.

Unfortunately, in today’s inbox, basic email just doesn’t cut it. BombBomb’s strength is that it puts you back into your sales process. It gets you face to face with the people who matter most – suspects, prospects, customers, and clients.

More importantly, BombBomb doesn’t  just have solutions for individuals.

BombBomb supports teams, offices, and entire companies. The result, better communication and authentic connection.

Whether for profit or not-for-profit, BombBomb effectively puts you in front of the decision makers.

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