Sales Objections These 4 Words Insanely Powerful

Sales objections are a good thing. My first sales manager use to say, “If you don’t get an objection, the prospect isn’t sold.

Over the years, I discovered 4 words that are insanely powerful in revealing sales objections.


And, even better, these 4 words are not offensive.

When properly asked, they do not sound pushy. In fact, they would be a perfectly normal question in just about any conversation.

Sales Objections

Sales Objections

What Salespeople Really Want

As a professional salesperson, how would you answer this question, “When face-to-face with a prospect, what do you really want?

The most common answer is, “…to close the sale…” or “…to get the deal…

True, that is the salesperson’s ultimate goal. It is not, however, the right answer.

A sales professional would answer this question with, “What I really want is permission to move to the next step.

Permission To Move Ahead

Regardless of what it is you are selling, unless the buyer is ready to move ahead, there can be no sale.

As sales professionals, we should never assume the sale.

Even if you are familiar with the Assumptive Closing Technique, you need to be sure the prospect is ready to move on.

Sales Objections 4 Words to Uncover Them

Whether selling one-on-one or one-to-many, these 4 words will guide you to your next action. They will uncover objections. And, because you may have to ask this question multiple times during a sale, there are multiple ways to phrase it, without being overbearing.

Those 4 words are, “Is there any reason…”

For example, “Is there any reason to not move ahead?” or “Is there any reason you would not approve the agreement?”

Regardless of what it is you are selling, unless the buyer is ready to move ahead, there can be no sale.

Jeffrey Doucet

Is There Any Reason…

The foundation of the question, “Is there any reason…”, easily adapts to where you are in your sales process.

For example, an automobile salesman might ask “Is there any reason to not appraise your vehicle now?

A customer service representative for a software product could ask, “Is there any reason you would not download the software now?

A logistics services salesperson might ask, “Is there any reason senior management would not be interested in changing carriers?

And, of course, the ultimate goal, to lock up the sale. With the contract in front of the prospect, “Is there any reason you would not initial here?

Follow Up Blueprint Sales Objections These 4 Words Insanely Powerful Time and Place

Asking the right question at the right time is the essence of getting to the close. It is rare to get a call from a decision maker whom you’ve never met stating “I want your services. When can we get started?

Getting to a commitment means following your sales process. Along that journey, there will be specific intervals where you will need to confirm the prospect is still with you. Those points reflect the time and place to ask “Is there any reason…” The answer guides you to your next interaction to move closer to inking a deal.

Is there any reason…” 4 words to reveal sales objections.

Follow Up Blueprint


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