Sales Video Follow Up Not Just About Lead Conversion

Why sales video follow up?

  • To humanize and differentiate.
  • To save time.
  • To communicate more clearly and connect more effectively.
  • For lead follow up, nurturing, and conversion.
  • For repeat and referral business.
  • For sales acceleration.
Reasons for Sales Video Follow-up

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There are so many reasons and so many ways to use video follow-up.

Sales Video Follow Up Beyond Lead Conversion

Throughout this blog, we have shared ideas and examples about connecting with new leads, engaging responsive, and non responsive leads, converting prospects into customers, and generating more repeat and referral business.

Using sales video follow-up is a smart add to your sales process and communication plan…

  • Traditional emails? definitely.
  • Phone calls and voicemail? Of course.
  • In person meetings? As often as possible!
  • Video messages? A powerful addition.

Not Just For Lead Conversion

Sales Video Follow Up How to Get More Responses

But video is not just for lead conversion.

Any message you have to communicate, to any stakeholder in your organization’s success, can be communicated through video.

Video is simply a medium – a container for your message.

It wins in sales because it capitalizes on and delivers

directly your very best sales asset … you!


Can it be that easy to include video in an email? Or, what if I want to send a video to a new prospect, some who just emailed me with a question, can that be done?

The answer to both questions is yes… a huge YES!

Daily I connect with people by sending a video directly from my cell phone. That’s right, I record the video, enter the contact’s email address, and hit send. It is that easy.

I especially use video to answer questions.

For example, one of our Ezine members asks how video might resolve a specific challenge he is having. I promptly shoot him back a reply via video.

Sales video follow-up is the nuts-and-bolts in a professional salesperson’s tool-chest. It is clear, concise, and includes the most important asset you have – you.

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Share Your Thoughts. 

Where do you see the best application for video in email?

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