What Is Marketing Automation And Who Is It For

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is defined by what it is you want to achieve. The tools are the same for everyone. What is different is implementation.

What Is Marketing Automation

How you define what marketing automation’s strategy is for you, depends on what you want to achieve. As Stephen Covey penned, “Begin with the end in mind“.

The interpretation of end being what it is you want to achieve.

Marketing Automation Myth

At its core, the business concept of marketing is the process of moving your product or service from conception to customer.

Study marketing and you’ll embrace the concept of the 4 P’s:
• Product
• Price
• Place
• Promotion

More sales, increased revenue, is the common desired end result.

Today, marketing automation implementation stretches beyond sales targets. It is perfectly reasonable your web based implementation strategy might only focus on one of the P’s.

For example, perhaps you only want to automate a newsletter to stay connected with an existing customer base. Or perhaps you want to implement a list building process focused on membership for your chess club or Toastmasters group.

In other words, the marketing automation process designed for big business is easily implemented by anyone whose end result is a relationship with people.

Marketing automation is defined by what it is you want to achieve. The tools are the same for everyone. What is different is implementation.

Jeffrey Doucet

What If Questions About Marketing Automation

Three what if questions focused on what is marketing automation:
1. What if I don’t have any contacts?
2. What if I am just starting out?
3. What if I am a small business, entrepreneur, or commission salesman?

In other words, will marketing automation work for me?

Short answer – absolutely.

Long answer – if interaction with people is at the core of how you earn a living, then marketing automation is a must.

More importantly, if your income is commission based, then automating the process by which you attract and retain your target group is absolutely essential.

4 Elements to Starting A Marketing Automation Process

Once you grasp what marketing automation is, implementing your automation process starts with four basic elements.
1. Contacts
2. Communication
3. Commitment
4. Community

Although the 4 elements are listed in order, the process of marketing automation is not linear.

And, although some might argue that it is cyclical, that is once you arrive at step 4 start over at step 1, this also is not accurate.

People are predictably unpredictable.

Starting out, all is orderly.

Build a contact list.

As the list grows implement your communication strategy.

As your audience engages, secure a commitment through a call-to-action.

Then build a community of customers, members, or followers.

If you are just getting started, the what is marketing automation starts with determining what it is you want to achieve. Get your head around that. Implementation will be less challenging.


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